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  • Peyronie's Disease Gold Package

    Peyronie's Disease Gold Package

    Sale Price: $154.98

    Peyronie's Disease Gold Package is an effective combination designed to rid the penis of fibrin and plaque that causes the curvature associated with the Disease, and to address the repair of connective tissue damaged by Peyronie's Disease.

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  • Peyronie's Disease/Duyuptrens Contracture Diamond Package

    Peyronie's Disease/Duyuptrens Contracture Diamond Package

    Sale Price: $184.97

    Peyronie's Disease Diamond Package is our most complete Peyronie's package. This package will help reduce or eliminate curvature in the penis. Our combination of Xybrin, NAC750 and Vitamin D10 will also help with pain, modulating the immune system an

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Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's Disease does not define who you are. 

-Peyronie’s Disease is defined as a buildup of fibrin or scar tissue causing a bend or curve to the penis due to trauma, genetic defect or possibly poor circulation.

-Peyronie's disease occurs at any time from adolescence onwards, but most commonly in men aged 40 to 60 years.-It affects around 1 in a 100 (0.4 to 1.0 per cent) of the middle-aged male population, but some experts suggest up to 4 per cent of men aged over the age of 40 may suffer from it.

-It takes roughly 12 to 18 months for the plaque or lump to developing, creating uncomfortable and embarrassing sexual situations.

Learn everything you need to know about how our products will help reverse your Peyronie's Disease with our Peyronie's Product Illustration Below (Click image to enlarge)

What is going on with your penis?

Description: Payronies Disease Anatomy Image.jpg

Peyronie's disease is a disorder affecting the penis that can cause: -A fibrinous plaque or lump within the shaft of the penis

-Pain in the shaft of the penis

-Abnormal angulation of the erect penis ('bent' penis)

You can be Peyronie’s symptom free in as little as 3-6 months

It is completely reasonable to have a major reduction of curvature or be completely free of Peyronie’s Disease symptoms in as little as 3 to 6 months. Many men have successfully achieved these results with our products and remained Peyronie’s free. We have designed product packages for men with severe stage as well as early stage Peyronie’s Disease.

Is there a cure for Peyronie’s Disease?

No. In fact, this is a controversial area, as only limited evidence of the effectiveness of pharmaceutical medical treatment exists. There is always the surgical option, but like many other surgical procedures, removing the fibrin or plaque in the penis can have long lasting effects on the look and function of the penis, similar to the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease.

The current treatments being experimented with by physicians are:

-Tamoxifen - Usually used in the treatment of breast cancer. Although not indicated for use in Peyronie's disease, some specialists will recommend it.

-Verapamil Injections - One study has shown that repeated injections improved pain, deformity and lump size, but more evidence from larger, long-term studies must be gathered before this can be recommended as a treatment.

-Extracorporeal shockwave therapy - The mechanism of action is not well understood. Further long-term studies are needed.

-Radiotherapy - It should be avoided in men under 60years of age as it can itself cause erectile dysfunction (impotence) in 50% of patients.

-Surgery - Because the development of Peyronie's disease varies so much between individuals, it is recommended to avoid surgical intervention.

-Systemic Enzyme Therapy – More progressive doctors are utilizing advanced enzyme therapy like Xybrin to naturally, safely and quickly remove fibrin from the affected area, as well as other supplements to combat the symptoms associated with Peyronie’s Disease.

The only three products you will ever need to take for Peyronie’s Disease.


-Extracellular Systemic Enzyme that literally digests fibrin plaques or scar tissue – Removing the cause of the disease.

-Removal of current fibrin or scar tissue build up – Normalized shape and length of the penis.

-Defense against further fibrin or scar tissue build up – Diminished complication associated with future fibrin build up. Ability for complimentary products to improve other symptoms.

-Reduction to complete removal of pain during erections – The ability to return to normal sexual function.

NAC 750

-All natural Amino Acid - in a recent clinical trial NAC was shown to be more effective than Tamoxifen in reducing the effects of Peyronies Disease.

-All natural antioxidant – Helps to remove foreign toxins from the body, which helps to boost the body’s immune system.

-Supports penis tissue function and circulation – Aids in oxygen uptake which improves blood oxygen and normal erection.

Vitamin D10

-Immune system modulator – Single most important product for boosting and promoting a healthy immune system.

-Natural Anti-Inflammatory – Aids in inflammation defense with Xybrin to diminish current and future fibrin production.

-Aids in reconstructing damaged connective tissue in the penis associated with the plaque found in Peyronie’s Disease.

By combining all three of these products you are combating all possible effects of Peyronie’s Disease resulting in:

Peyronies Diamond Package

-Less painful erections

-Reduction of fibrin or scar tissue in the penis

-Reduction of curvature and deformity in the penis

-Increase in fuller erections


Peyronie’s Disease is not a life threatening disease, but it will threaten parts of your life, your personal life in particular, which is why it is so important to take control of your Peyronie’s as soon as possible. You have many choices for attempting to treat your Peyronie’s Disease, but nothing compares to the triple threat treatment available.

I have had Peyronie’s Disease for over a year now, and I am sure you guys have heard, it can be a bit embarrassing to say the least. I am 34, and should not have to deal with sexual issues like this. I found your product on an Internet search after complete frustration with what my doctor kept trying. It wasn’t getting better, it was almost getting worse. I started Xybrin and NAC750, and literally watched the results happen overnight. It actually took 4 months, but I was pretty bad. I can’t believe that something so bent could be so normal again after all the crap my doctor threw at me. Anyway, thanks again for saving my sex life. No more lack of confidence or embarrassment in the bedroom anymore. Mark – Santa Fe, NM



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