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You have Pulmonary Fibrosis.
  • Peyronie's Disease Gold Package

    Peyronie's Disease Gold Package

    Sale Price: $154.98

    Peyronie's Disease Gold Package is an effective combination designed to rid the penis of fibrin and plaque that causes the curvature associated with the Disease, and to address the repair of connective tissue damaged by Peyronie's Disease.

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  • Peyronie's Disease/Duyuptrens Contracture Diamond Package

    Peyronie's Disease/Duyuptrens Contracture Diamond Package

    Sale Price: $184.97

    Peyronie's Disease Diamond Package is our most complete Peyronie's package. This package will help reduce or eliminate curvature in the penis. Our combination of Xybrin, NAC750 and Vitamin D10 will also help with pain, modulating the immune system an

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  • Uterine Fibroid Package Silver

    Uterine Fibroid Package Silver

    Sale Price: $154.98

    Uterine Fibroid Silver Package is an effective combination designed to rid the body of fibrin and to address the weakened immune system caused by Uterine Fibroids and possibly the prescription medications used to attempt to treat it.

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  • Uterine Fibroid Gold Package

    Uterine Fibroid Gold Package

    Sale Price: $184.98

    Uterine Fibroid Gold Package is an effective combination of Xybrin and Estrosolv designed to rid the body of fibrin and to address the imbalance of hormone and estrogen levels.

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  • Uterine Fibroid Diamond Package

    Uterine Fibroid Diamond Package

    Sale Price: $224.97

    Uterine Fibroid Diamond Package is our most effective product package for women suffering from Uterine Fibroids.

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  • Pulmonary Fibrosis Silver Package

    Pulmonary Fibrosis Silver Package

    Sale Price: $194.97

    Pulmonary Fibrosis Silver Package is our maintenance package. The Silver is intended as a maintenance package after taking either the Diamond or Gold package until symptoms improve.

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  • Pulmonary Fibrosis Gold Package

    Pulmonary Fibrosis Gold Package

    Sale Price: $224.96

    Pulmonary Fibrosis Gold Package is designed to treat all of the symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis from removing the fibrin or scar tissue in your lungs, to improving your overall immune health, the Gold is our second most advanced Pulmonary Fibrosis pac

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  • Resprinex (All Natural Decongestant)

    Resprinex (All Natural Decongestant)

    Sale Price: $39.99

    Resprinex is an all-natural homeopathic decongestant formulated with 12 specific herbal ingredients to keep the airways and lungs clear of mucus and phlegm.

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  • NAC750 (Pure N-acetyl-L-cysteine)

    NAC750 (Pure N-acetyl-L-cysteine)

    Sale Price: $29.99

    NAC750 contains 750 mg's of pure N-acetyl- L-cysteine (NAC). NAC is a biologically active precursor for the amino acid cysteine which, is a precursor for glutathione, a tripeptide with extreme antioxidant properties.

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  • Estrosolv (Dim, Estrogen Support)

    Estrosolv (Dim, Estrogen Support)

    Sale Price: $69.99

    Estrosolv, is a microencapsulated form of diindolylmethane(DIM), with curcumin, green tea, and wasabia designed to support healthy hormone balance, estrogen levels and immune health.

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  • Xybrin (320,000 FU Systemic Enzyme)

    Xybrin (320,000 FU Systemic Enzyme)

    Sale Price: $124.99

    Xybrin is the Worlds first Extracellular Systemic Enzyme containing 320,000 FU's of Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase, Bromelain, Protease, Lipase and Organic Amla per serving.

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  • VITAMIN D10, (10,000IU D3)

    VITAMIN D10, (10,000IU D3)

    Sale Price: $29.99

    Vitamin D10, (10,000 IU Vitamin D3) is formulated to deliver Mother Nature's intended daily dose of 10,000+ IU's of Vitamin D3.

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About us

Orion Medical Group

Orion Medical Group is a Nutraceutical Enzyme and Probiotic company located in Seattle, WA near the University of Washington Medical Center. We are a comprehensive collection of healthcare professionals assembled to address the health issue associated with the production of fibrin in the body, as well as a suppressed immune system. Our group of healthcare professionals have worked extensively to formulate the first and only Extracellular Systemic Enzyme (Xybrin) designed specifically to combat the conditions Pulmonary Fibrosis, Uterine Fibroids, and Peyronie's Disease. With accompanying products such as Estrosolv, Vitamin D10, FloraProNAC750, and Resprinex, the line of products offered by Orion Medical Group is the most comprehensive line of products on the market designed to treat Pulmonary FibrosisUterine Fibroids and Peyronie's Disease. Orion Medical Group will also strive to help our consumers by reducing the capsule count currently offered by our competitors. No other company is looking to make advances in the market like Orion Medical Group! A strong doctor advisory board will help to set Orion Medical Group apart from other companies selling older systemic enzyme formulas. Orion Medical Group intends to become the leader in systemic enzyme formulations and is on track to dominate the market.

For more information on conditions or to order products please utilize our comprehensive website to find what you need.

Orion Medical Group supports many different organizations and charities. We are very select on the ones we choose.

We are proud supporters of the Ronan Thompson Foundation and their mission to raise awareness and to end childhood cancer. No child deserves to die, especially to cancer. "This is for Ronan. This is for all the kids fighting cancer who deserve better. Who deserve the best. Who deserve to have a voice and to stop being treated like lab rats. Ronan is the reason behind this movement that is about to take place. He is the reason that we will continue to fight this fight. No parent should have to outlive their child. People need to start paying attention because as we have learned, Childhood Cancer, does not discriminate. It is the NUMBER ONE disease killer of children in the word. It claims the lives of more children annually than any other disease – more than asthma, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis & AIDS combined. It can happen to anyone." - Maya Thompson, Mother of 4, wife, daughter, friend, author, blogger, advocate, warrior, princess, and one bad ass childhood cancer fighter. 


To donate to the The Ronan Thompson Foundation, or to read the story and many blog posts about Ronan Thompson, please click the banner below. 

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