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Peyronie's Disease Gold Package
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Peyronie's Disease Gold Package

Peyronie's Disease Gold Package

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Peyronie's Disease/Duyuptrens Contracture Gold Package

Products: Xybrin Vitamin D10


Peyronies Gold Package  is our most complete peyronies package, designed to reduce or eliminate the unwanted curvature in the penis associated with Peyronie's Disease. Our combination of Xybrin and Vitamin D10 will also help with repairing damaged connective tissue in the penis as well as modulating the immune system.


Duyuptrens Contracture Gold Package is our most complete Duyuptrens Contracture package and it is designed to reduce and eliminate the scar tissue (fibrin) that is calcified and formed in the palm of the hand. This package will also help to reduce and stop pain, improve circulation to the hands, increase immune response and immune system modulation, repair damaged tissues in the hand.


(Attention Customer: This package will work for both conditions as they are both very similar in they way the fibrin (scar tissue) and this package will work very effectively for both conditions.)


This Peyronies package is designed to do the following:

Reduce or eliminate Fibrin or plaque in the penis

Increase healthy blood flow to the penis

Elminate pain caused by inflammation

Rebuild connective tissue in the penis

Increase immune function and immune response


This Duyuptrens Contracture package is designed to do the following:

Remove scar tissue (fibrin) from the hand

Increase the flexibilty if the fingers and hand

Eliminate pain and reduce inflammation

Rebuild connective tissue's in the hand

Increase immune function and immune response